September 28, 2015


The attitude of a man matters when it comes to spiritual things. Because the attitude of a man is a reflection of who he is in the Spirit and the physical.

The attitude of a man can lead him to a place of enthronement, and can also lead him to the place of slavery. The attitude of a man can be a compass to his destiny. But when a man operates the wrong attitude, it will also stand as a compass to direct him away from his true destiny.

The attitude you put on will also determines your level of walk with GOD. Your attitude will determine the pace and speed with which you will move on with GOD. There is how to behave yourself around GOD. There is how to conduct yourself around GOD.

Whenever a man appear before GOD, there will be a Spiritual reflection of who he is . There will be a Spiritual screening of his attitude. After the screening, the level to which you will access GOD will also be fixed. Since your attitude is who you are, each time you appear before GOD, who you are will continue to determine how much and how far you can access GOD. That is why every man have to work on who he is (Self).

A man can remain at the same spot with GOD, if he continue to remain who he is .But when you work on yourself continuously, your level of accessing GOD too will be increasing gradually. But if you allow your attitude to grow worse than before, your level of accessing GOD will be reducing. That is why Renewing of the Mind is necessary and compulsory for anyone that wants to go far with GOD. Romans 12:2 – “Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of GOD”.

Renewing of mind is one of the greatest weapon of working on your SELF which is who you are. And who you are is reflected through your attitude. Therefore, everyone that wants to get to a level of deep intimacy with GOD must be ready to work on his or her attitude, to drop every attitude that can form barrier to his getting into a deep intimacy level with GOD.

A man can never attain a right and a perfect attitude except he work on himself allowing the HOLY SPIRIT in the process of the working that will bring or workout the renewing of his mind. You cannot renew your mind by yourself or by the strength of man, because self cannot renew self. Flesh cannot renew flesh. So, the renewal is been done by the SPIRIT [HOLY SPIRIT] to put the flesh (SELF) to death. Because the renewing of mind, is a dying to self process to be able to live by the SPIRIT. So, you cannot renew your mind by yourself (your strength or ability). Trying to do it by yourself will only lead you to strengthening SELF. So, you have to allow the HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT may want to work it out and you [at the same time] might be hindering the flow and operation of the HOLY SPIRIT from working out the renewing of your mind. (that is the HOLY SPIRIT leading through the word of GOD).

Renewal or renewing of mind, is a continuous thing. So, dying to SELF is a continuous thing. It is a thing that should continue as long as you live. The higher your renewal (dying to self), the higher you go spiritually and the deeper you go in your level of intimacy with GOD.

Therefore, your attitude or behavior is part of your SELF, and self is been reflected or revealed through your behavior or attitude. When you work on your SELF continuously by the renewing of your mind through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT by the word of GOD, you will attain the right and perfect attitude which will in turn help you in your walk with GOD and in your relationship with men.

Therefore, the attitude of a man has a great impact in his life. When the attitude is being work on and get to a state of perfection, the man will be able to get into a realm of fulfillment in GOD. And if a man can be fulfilled in GOD, definitely he would be fulfilled in life and destiny. There will be strange and uncommon help from GOD to channel him into the fullness and the fulfillment of destiny. But if the man refuse to work on himself, GOD will only move him and help him based on his level of transformation.

Wealth or riches is not a symbol of fulfillment. You might be rich or wealthy but may not be fulfilled, or not get to the fullness of your fulfillment (that is, being fulfilled to a level but not to the fullness). It is in GOD and the fullness of GOD in you, that you can get the fullness of your fulfillment in life. And your attitude [is something to be considered and worked on] is an important factor in getting GOD, accessing GOD, walking with GOD, and getting the fullness of GOD (with which you can or will definitely get into the fullness of your fulfillment in life).

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