September 28, 2015


Obedience is the key to spiritual understanding. Obedience helps you to understand the ways of GOD. When you are obedient, GOD reveals more of HIMSELF to you. Your Obeying GOD, opens you up to know the reason why HE instructed you. From it you have Wisdom: Right application of knowledge. Then you will be able to apply in such situation that which have been revealed to you.

The Spirit of Obedience works in the true sons of GOD. While the spirit of disobedience works in the sons of disobedient (those in the world or sons of perdition).

As a child of GOD, you have to be obedient. Obedience gives you more credibility before GOD. GOD honour(s) those that are obedient before HIM.

Obedience gives you more room in GOD and around GOD.

Obedience makes you to earn the favour of GOD.

When you are obedient, GOD will work with you at the realm that HE will not permit any disobedience from you.

Obedience gives you spiritual enthronement, which will also lead to physical enthronement.

Obedience gives man unique placement with GOD.

Obedience is what can help you to dwell in GOD’S full realm of operation.

Obedience represent total surrenderness to the WILL OF GOD.

Obedience is the expression of one’s submission to GOD.

Isaiah 1:19 – “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land ..…”                                                                          

It is those that truly obey GOD, that GOD will also honour when they give spiritual command in action. Be Obedient and you shall be blessed by GOD. And GOD will open the Heavens upon you and bless you in a unique way.

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