Prayer Points

  • LORD remember me for good this season, and establish YOUR COUNSEL in my life in JESUS name!!
  • Father intervene in every matter that is a challenge before me in Jesus name!!
  • Grant me insight and direction concerning every state of confusion before me in the name of Jesus!!
  • Father hold me and see me through the journey of life in Jesus name!!
  • I receive the grace to function wherein i am called in the name of Jesus!!
  • Let there be manifestation of the promises of GOD concerning my life in the name of Jesus!!
  • Awake my spirit-man, so i may dwell in YOUR PRESENCE O LORD in the name of Jesus !!
  • Pour a fresh oil on me oh LORD and renew my strength in the name of Jesus!!
  • Father in the name of Jesus, destroy the network of hell against my soul!!
  • I command every embargo set on my path to be lifted and destroyed in the name of Jesus!!
  • LORD favour me in an unusual manner in the name of Jesus!




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