wisdom Quote


  • Follow the COUNSEL of GOD in all things; in it, is your peace.
  • Don’t give up on GOD; be patient and follow on till you see the manifestation of HIS promises.
  • The end of a man, whose life is in the hand of GOD, is always glorious.
  •  The moon is glorious and the sun is glorious but the Glory of the LORD is beyond the glory of the moon and the sun.
  • A man in honor cannot but enjoy the grace , honor and favour of GOD.
  •  Glory is the sign that follows the man that pleases GOD.
  • Life is all about experience but the experience you have determines what your life becomes.
  • A life without direction will end in confusion.
  • A life with too many directors, will end up in confusion.
  • The end of every life that is not directed by GOD is confusion.
  • All men can run but the selection is by Grace and not by works.
  • All eyes can see but not all hearts can understand what their eyes have seen. When a tree is planted, it takes time before it can grow into a full tree. So, also, it takes time to grow into the fullness of your CALLING And Ministry. It is the help of GOD that make a man not his ability or strength.
  • All birds has feathers but not all birds can fly. All men has abilities but the making it of a man, is by the Grace of GOD.
  • The help of a man is in GOD, not in his ability.
  • The help of a man can be hidden in anything as a code but it takes GOD to know and to decode the code.
  • All help on earth, whether coded or not can only be accessed through GOD.